Our Services

Face Painting!
We can transform your guests into butterflies and monsters, princesses and heroes. Just let your imagination run wild! It's fun for all ages! Whether we're painting full faces at a party or our offering our "Fun, Fast, Faces" free to the public at a festival, we offer quality work and a wide range of choices. We want to have something for everyone! There is nothing more satisfying than watching our model light up as they see there finished face for the first time. This is always our goal!


For a typical corporate event we supply two artists and everything needed to get painting including tables, chairs and a 10' x 10' professional grade canopy tent if needed. We display signage featuring 10 to 12 of our most popular designs that we've tailored for high volume events. These take only a few minutes each but still retain the "wow" factor of our more elaborate faces. This, along with the addition of a second artist means shorter lines and many more smiles!


Glitter Tattoos!
Glitter Tattoos are the newest trend in body art. These tattoos are applied using a stencil, cosmetic grade glitter (safe for the eyes) and a cosmetic adhesive. Your customers will love these sparkly designs! While our glitter tattoos are completely safe for the face, we like to place them on the arms or legs as they are water resistant and can last over a week. This means that the kids are able to enjoy these little works of art long after they've had to wash off their face paint.

Pricing: (Face Paint / Glitter Tattoos)

$150.00/hr (Minimum 2 hours) 2 artists

$100.00/hr (Minimum 2 hours) 1 artist

Airbrush Tattoos!
Airbrush Tattoos are a great addition to any event, but they really shine for hot summer days and events featuring water attractions as these temporary tattoos are water resistant and will last up to a week, even when wet! Our airbrush tattoos are also a great way to offer something for the older tweens and teens who might feel a bit too grown up for face painting. Our tattoos are applied quickly using an airbrush and stencils, making them perfect for events that expect large turnouts and and want to put a premium on speed. We can also special order design stencils such as company logos, for your event! 
$175.00/hr (Minimum 2 hours) 2 artists

$125.00/hr (Minimum 2 hours) 1 artist

Balloon Twisting!
The newest addition to our service lineup. Adding balloon twisting to your next event is a great way to get everyone involved! Our balloon artists interact with crowds as they create fun, take away creations kids are sure to love. Balloon twisting is perfect as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to one of our other options! As an added benefit, our balloon artists are free to roam your event, making it possible to engage those families that may not want to wait in a line. For a large event, our artists will work from a list of 6 to 10 simple, popular designs allowing them to move quickly, delighting as many children as possible!
$175.00/hr (Minimum 2 hours) 2 artists
$125.00/hr (Minimum 2 hours) 1 artist


Balloon Decor!

From table toppers to arches, our balloon decorations provide a colorful, festive design option for businesses looking to brighten up an event space or draw customers!

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Magic Shell & Sammie (Magic Show)!
Be amazed and entertained with an appearance by our very own magicians; Magic Shell & her furry assistant, Sammie the Skunk! You’ll hear giggles and gasps as Magic Shell puts on a show that is both funny and engaging. Throughout the act our magician will interact with the audience, enlisting help from the audience and delighting them with her daring puppet Sam
mie, all while performing amazing feats of magic geared toward a grade school aged audience. This show is great for any event with a young crowd or a crowd that’s young at heart!


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